Art Department

Ramesvara has asked some questions regarding the art work for the 7th canto, 1st volume. Please inform him of the following:

1. The sketch showing Hiranyakasipu very big is the better of the two. Yes, you should show fire emanating from his head.
2. There should be no effulgence around Prahlada. Hiranyakasipu should not be shown with a pipe. He was a non-smoker.
3. Krishna killing Sisupala took place inside, not outside.
4. To illustrate Prahlada being protected when he is thrown of the cliff, there should be a semi-visible Krishna waiting below, as if to catch.
5. Yes, you can show dead bones, skulls, and snakes in the dungeon. Prahlada was not actually attacked with the tridents, just threatened.

— Letter to Radhavallabha, Mayapur, 3 February 1976