Basic Questions

Here we answer important questions which arise. Most of these questions can be answered directly from Srila Prabhupada’s Trust Document(s). Where relevant we add section numbers for easy reference:

  1. Who is the beneficiary of the BBT?

    The International Society for Krishna Consciousness, incorporated by me. (Section III)


  2. What authority do ISKCON and its GBC have in the administration of the BBT?


    “This trust shall exist independently of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness[,] and the Trustees’ functions and duties stated herein shall be separate and not dependent on the Governing Body of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness.” (Section III)

  3. Who is responsible for allocating the funds of the BBT?


    The trustees, in [their] sole discretion. (Section IV)


  4. For what purposes are funds to be allocated?


    Half for the “Book Fund,” half for the “Building Fund.” The Building Fund is to be used for “purchase of properties for the construction of new temples or renovation of old temples.”

    (Paraphrased from Section IV)


  5. Who has decision-making authority for the affairs of the BBT?


    The trustees, with all powers and authorities necessary or available under the law to carry out the purposes of this trust. (Section V)


  6. Who is to select future trustees?


    The trustees. (Section VI)